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Police Good Deed in Montgomery


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Another officer helping the public.


You will not see this on CNN or Fox News or even on our local TV news, but Sunday morning I witnessed a good deed by one of Montgomery's public safety personnel.

When I teed off at Gateway golf course and for a couple of holes I noticed a vehicle stranded on Interstate 65, on the shoulder. Then by the third hole I noticed a Montgomery police vehicle had pulled up behind it, checking it out. As I played the third hole, I witnessed one of the best things you never hear about. I saw a police officer help a young driver change a flat tire.

That police officer did all the work while the driver stood safely behind the vehicle. Whoever was driving Patrol car 4373 deserves a 48-hour weekend off. Thanks for carrying the flag for Montgomery citizens.

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That is the kind of thing that used to happen so frequently that people did not need to call attention to it.

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