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Top 5 plays of 2004


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5. Carnell Williams in the open feild against the cornerback from Tennessee ( :sec: Championship). The move was so quick and Barry Sanders like that I was like :blink: .

4. Marcus Randall meets Bret Eddins: A picture perfect sack if there ever was one. The way Bret unloaded on Marcus was a thing of beauty. :no:

3.Courtney"THE SUPERFREAK" Taylor coming up big numerous times this season. The :lsu: game automatically comes to mind, but the plays he made in the 1st halfof the :ut: game and the way he came out in the second half of the :ua: game and made big play after big play has me very excited about 2005. The touchdown that he caught broke bama's back. :big:

2.Ronnie Brown running over Jason Allen. Nothing examplified the determination of the 2004 :au: squad like RB knocking his opponent's helment off to score a touchdown. :cheer:

1.Junior Rosegreen's Hit in the Ga. game. I know alot of people were leery of that hit and don't include it in any highlight videos, but that play was my favorite of the year. Going into the game everyone was questioning wether :au: was tough enough to play with :uga: . They(Georgia) were suppose to be the team that would end our dream season. That hit sent a message. I'm happy Reggie Brown was ok, but I do still watch that hit when watching Auburn highlights saved on my computer. ;)

I honestly feel guilty for leaving Jason Campbell off of the list with all of the brilliant plays he made this season. Also honorable mention was #75 Stanley Mclover's OPEN FEILD sack of Matt Jones because seriously, how many times do you see that? Oh, yeah and the half back pass from Caddy to Mix represents the genius that is Al Borges.

Thanks 2004 Auburn Tigers for a season the :AUBig: faithful will not soon forget :hail::hail::hail::hail:

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Other's I liked...

1. Jason Campbell's Flea Flicker to Devin

2. Jason Campbell to Devin against Bama

3. Courtney's 4th down catch against LSU (because of the hit Jason took)

I agree with the ones above as well.

I also liked Carnell's Passing TD, Juniors INT vs LSU,

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5. Either of the goal-line tackles of Bryan Randall in the Sugar Bowl.

4. The 'trickeration' TD in the 1st quarter of the Arkansas game.

3. The first TD vs. UGA; Jason flips to Carnell as he's being hit and Caddy trots in for 6.

4. Carlos Rogers' end zone INT vs. UGA; Greene was doing a play fake he used 3 years ago to score a TD on us in Athens. It was nice to see him get burned this time.

5. Caddy's TD pass. My most awesome moment of the year. (In case you can't tell, the UGA game was my favorite.) :cheer:

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Guest Tigrinum Major

5. Carnell ripping the ball away from the defensive back on the first drive of the game against UT.

4. Carnell's TD pass.

3. Ronnie running over Jason Allen.

2. The HIT.

1. Cooper Wallace recovering the onside kick at the end of the Bama game.

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1.  Cooper Wallace recovering the onside kick at the end of the Bama game.


Copper also recovered the onside kick to seal the Sugar bowl if I'm not mistaken. Well #8 I take back all the things I said about your inability to hold on to the football.

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Most important plays:

1. Campbell/Taylor connect twice vs. LSU late

2. Devin TD catch vs. Va Tech

3. Endzone pick by Rodgers vs Georgia

4. Devin catch vs. Bama

5. Rodgers hit on Bryan Randall on the one yard line

6. Rosegreen pick at the end of LSU game

My favorite plays:

1. Not even close-reverse flea flicker vs. Arkansas-I've never seen one of our guys that wide open

2. Not flashy but Jason's throw to Devin for our second to last TD in the SECC-that throw was on a rope

3. Carnell's yards after contact vs LSU

4. Ronnie Brown wheel route vs Tenn-Jason threw it perfectly

5. Eddins hit on Marcus Randall

6. Opening plays vs Georgia, Va Tech, Tenn (in SECC), Ole Miss

7. Endzone pick by Rodgers vs Georgia

8. TD throw by Carnell

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1. The Rosegreen Lick....Not only stopped the Georgia Drive, Not only shifted the momentum, but it let All Receivers know "If you go over 'da middle, ya gonna get Jacked".

2. The Eddins Sack........Freakin' Picture Perfect sack, it's right up there with the Corn Biscut Sack, Set the tone for the Rest of the Season.

3. The Ankle Breakin' Move that Caddy put on the tenn. CB.......Amazin' what Caddy can do when there ain't three Dlinemen jumpin' on 'em.....Even then, he's busted outta some of those.

4. The Hummer vs. a Pinto (Jason Allen).........Another Picture Perfect play......He not only ran over him, he knocked his Freakin' helmet off, Awesome.

5. The Entire Season by The Best Team in The Country........What more can you say about a Team that played as a Team, and won a National Title, SEC Title, Iron Bowl Title Three years Runnin'.......I can say that I witnessed one of the Best Teams, if not The Best Team, In the Entire History of College Football.

War "BY GOD" Eagle

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Don't leave out Silas Daniels' 87 yard TD pass reception against La Tech. I know we blew them out but it was a great throw,catch and run.

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**Don't remember which game, but Jason made one of his best passes of the year to Ronnie for a TD. The 'fade' route, where Ronnie caught over his outside shoulder. A thing of beauty!!

**Definitely Ronnie running over Jason "I'll keep my mouth shut from now on" Allen for a TD in the first smack down of :ut: . Carnell doing the game thing to poor Allen. Don't forget Carnell running thru him in the SECCG for a TD on the sideline.

**Carnell's half back pass to Anthony was a brilliant play call at the perfect time.

**I loved the Carlos Rogers INT in the endzone against :uga: If you watch Carlos bit on the run fake then recovered then baited Mr. Greene into throwing that pass. Carlos was waiting on him to throw it.

**Jason has made too many great throws to list all of them. 4th and 12 vs :lsu: , TD pass vs. :lsu: , 19 yard gain from our own 1 vs. VT in the Sugar Bowl, to name a few.

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5. A midsummer Nights dream

4. The Lion King

3. Cats

2. Fiddler on the roof

1. Oklahoma



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Those two bombs jc dropped in the championship game were awesome.

The UGA game was the over the shoulder throw to ronnie. It was like a 19 or 23 yarder with some heavenly touch.

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