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Proposed Individual Investment Accounts

Proud Tiger

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Most people who are opposed to the proposed individual accounts under Social Security have absolutely no idea what they are talking about and are making ignorant claims and statements. I am a retired federal employee. Individual investment account for federal employees were started several years ago under the term Thrift Savings Plans. At that time a lot of people, including employees, were concerned. The politicians were split. Guess who favored these accounts......

the Democrats. Now, years later, ask any federal employee what they think. They love them and many run of the mill employees will retire as millionares as a result of thes accounts. One doesn't have to deal with Wall St. and manage thes accounts everdaay as osme want you to believe. There is board who runs the fund. There are 4-5 basic options to invest in and that's the only choice one has to make. You can switch funds anytime you elect to. I could go on with more about these accounts but they would be great for anyone under 50 as Pres. Bush proposes. Before people rush to be critical or play partisan politics, they should do a little research into this.

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