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ESPNW report on sexual harassment

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18 hours ago, Tigerbelle said:

THANK YOU!!!  You get it! These posters don't even understand the issue that is in the complaint by Alexa Nemeth, let alone understand what I'm saying. None of them really know much about the topic at all but they have no idea that they are clueless. 

What I know is that espnW went to great lengths to color the entire program as a cesspool of sexual harassment.  The only corroboration they could find was that Fagan claimed that Corey slapped her on the rear when he first arrived as an assistant coach and that she replied "don't do that" and two text messages provided by a player that now plays at Louisville.  One message said the player was a "7" , with non further context provided, and the other read "Thinking about you and know we give you a lot of s--- but we are all so glad you are here!"   I still haven't figured out what the second text could possibly have to do with sexual harassment, unless the reference to "all" means that everyone on the team was harassing her, sarcasm intended. 

In following up on this story, the Plainsman and AL.com interviewed Alexa Nameth.  To my astonishment, she then states clearly that she was at no time sexually harassed by Corey Myers.  In her video interview she claims that she could imagine that he was a gatekeeper and could have been grooming her so that in the future he could trade playing time for something.   Its so bad that its really difficult to interpret her view into the crystal ball that allows her to see the future.  What is clear is that her complaints are all related to her playing time or the rigors of practice.  Even then, every complaint is about what happened to someone else, not her personally.  She complains about a dirty cold tub and other players being forced to return to practice before they were medically ready to do so.  Its also clear that what really upsets her is the fact that she wasn't invited to walk on for the upcoming season.

This is what some other former players have said about the situation:

  • This is what Rachael Waters thinks of it all:

    "Excuse my language, but this is bull****. Coach is a great man. I am disgusted w/ my former teammates for this. I don't agree."

    "Funny the people talking are the ones that didn't play."

    This is from Morgan Estell:

    "It only takes a few people to ruin the reputation of a great school and coach. Clint is an honorable man. hope y'all are happy now."

    This is from Lexi Davis:

    "Blessed & honored to have played for this man. Not only a tremendous Coach, but a person. This game will miss you. "


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21 hours ago, FoundationEagle said:

We all understand the issue that is in the Nameth "complaint". We also have all seen her interviews which almost certainly give cause to dismiss her entire case as well as the fact that no players, not even ones no longer at AU have validated her claims or even spoken to her about them.  You are trying like Hades to prove this is some real issue at AU while in the same thread claiming you are not saying it is happening at AU. Which is it?

Every single link you gave me while yelling angrily into the keyboard has zero actual claims by anyone other than Nameth or any discussion pointing to it being a real issue. You linked to click bait articles without actually reading them to prove your case. It still stands that NO ONE outside of Nameth has claimed any form of sexual harassment (and she hasn't even claimed any real harassment other than something she could see happening at some nonexistent time in the future) and no media are claiming there was sexual harassment.  It's best not to read clickbait headlines as fact and then use them as evidence.  They are almost always extremely misleading  

Everyone here understands what you are saying (until now). Sexual Harrassment, when real and present, is a very serious matter to not take lightly. I'm sorry you have experienced it before. There is never an excuse for it. No need in treating me like I am the one that did it to you for not agreeing that those details apply to this case.  I can see this is a sensitive matter for you so I will leave it at this as we are talking in circles and you seem to be extremely angry at me for very very little reason.  It's not worth all this anger. 

No you said it wasn't being talked about in the news.....but it is. Those are all LEGITIMATE news articles. Two of them are from television stations which are STILL legitimate news sources. You are just wrong and can't admit it so you continue to be condescending and rude. Your mansplaining is not needed here either.  And guess what? It will be discussed a lot more when softball rolls around and when AU hires a new coach. Better get your boxers ready to be in a wad about it again.  It is ludicrous and very Neanderthal of you to try and blame a female poster on a message board for having a discussion about a subject that another poster started ,and accuse only me of spreading rumors when I did nothing even remotely like that. You still completely missed the point I was making and have taken it in a completely different and incorrect direction.  And NO you have no idea what sexual harassment is. So far on this thread there has been maybe 2 posters with a clue.  I am disgusted by your misogynistic, belittling attitude towards me. 

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