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JUSTICE SCALIA ON OUR NEW EURO-COURT: We now have five justices on the Supreme Court who are perfectly content to rely on foreign law, and public opinion in foreign countries, when ruling on the constitutionality of state laws they don't like. Justice Anthony Kennedy's majority opinion in Roper v. Simmons, where the Court struck down the laws of 18 states that allow for the execution of minors who have murdered in cold blood, is an absolute travesty. Overruling its 1989 decision that found no 8th amendment prohibition to a state's applying capital punishment to minors, Kennedy et al. now find a new "national consensus" against applying the death penalty to anyone under the age of 18 is "cruel and unusual punishment." (Move over Gallup!) The justices cite foreign opinion and practices to confirm their conclusion, which effectively usurps the will of the people. Justice Antonin Scalia, writing for the dissent wonders why the Court cites foreign law only in cases where foreign law agrees with a desired outcome. Why not for abortion? Why not for Establishment Clause cases? Scalia's dissent is must-reading for for all Americans.

Scalia's Dissent

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Little off topic, bu the Supreme Court is starting to be controlled by the ACLU.

Kind of like AEA trying to control Alabama's legislature.

What really got me is that there was a ruling that made terrorists that don't fight with a military uniform have the same rights in the Geneva Convention.

Military recruits being banned from some college campuses.

As soon as I think of some more, I'll list them, but right now I'm to tired and upset with some of the crap that goes on.

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