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Tempers flare at practice


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Practice fights happen all the time... glad to see the players are playing with some aggression :big:

Also... Aubie becomes one of the first inductees in the mascot hall of fame. :thumbsup::au:

A couple of fights broke out in Sunday's practice that prompted a public shrug from Tommy Tuberville. It did earn the team a speech from the head coach before he left the field.

Practice fights are not uncommon, particularly in the early stages of fall practice, so Sunday's outbreaks were generally dismissed. Wide receiver Prechae Rodriguez mixed it up with cornerback Jonathan Wilhite in one of them. Freshman Michael Goggans and defensive lineman Pat Sims were in on another altercation.

Auburn's mascot, Aubie, will join two others as the first college inductees in the Mascot Hall of Fame ceremonies Aug. 15, a committee of tigers, lions and bears announced Monday.

Actually, the Mascot Hall of Fame is run by real people on an executive committee, and they accounted for 95 percent of the vote. The other 5 percent of the votes came from fans.

Aubie will be joined at the induction ceremony at Love Park in Philadelphia by fellow college inductees YoUDee, the University of Delaware's mascot; and Bucky the Badger of Wisconsin.

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