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Richt continues evaluating QBs, OL, and DL

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Richt continues evaluating QBs


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Published on: 08/24/06

Athens — The third and final test of the preseason is on tap Thursday at Georgia as the Bulldogs go through a scripted "game" in preparation for the opener against Western Kentucky.

And yes, senior Joe Tereshinski will be the starter. As for who gets the other snaps, Georgia coach Mark Richt has not decided, but they'll be decidedly in the favor of Tereshinski and No. 2 quarterback Joe Cox.

Brant Sanderlin / AJC


Starting quarterback Joe Tereshinski (right) and No. 2 Joe Cox are expected to get the majority of the snaps during Thursday's scripted 'game.'

That doesn't mean Matthew Stafford and Blake Barnes, the co-No. 3s on the depth chart, won't be carefully watched and evaluated.

"You're always evaluating," Richt said.

What will be closely inspected are the positions that remain unsettled, such as wide receiver. Kenneth Harris, Mikey Henderson and A.J. Bryant are a few players in the mix.

"What's happening here is guys are earning playing time," Richt said. "How many reps is this guy going to get to prove on game day that he deserves more playing time or deserves a chance to start?"

At the cornerback spot opposite Paul Oliver, it looks as if Ramarcus Brown will be the starter, with Asher Allen backing him up. Prince Miller, another freshman, also has made a move at cornerback with the injury to Bryan Evans.

Georgia also will work on punt and kickoff returns today. Henderson, Thomas Brown, Allen and Miller should all get some work at those spots.

Offensive line woes concern tailback

Every time someone on the line goes down, Brown takes notice. Those guys, after all, are the ones who clear holes for the junior tailback.

And lately there have been nothing but holes in that line. Chester Adams, a starter, went down again Wednesday, this time falling ill.

"As a running back or any skill player, you need that offensive line to work," Brown said. "Seeing them go down, it is kind of concerning, but you have to have faith in them. They are kind of thin, so you are going to try and get them healthy and hope to keep them from getting banged up."

Defensive line starts to get reinforcements

Ricardo Crawford is out of a non-contact jersey and back in practice. That means Georgia is getting more depth along the defensive line, where it needs it with Ray Gant out for the opener with a shoulder injury.

Georgia now has three returning tackles ready to play (Dale Dixson, Jeff Owens, Kade Weston), plus two freshmen (Geno Atkins, Crawford).

"We might have played more than five in a game but it is rare, so we will be OK," Richt said.

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