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Something to think about with Boise St.


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Have you noticed that the huge wins that Boise has are all product of more than a month to prepare. Even ESPN says that bowls aren't about who the better teams are but, who wants the won the most. Boise did not get or would have got to where they are by losing the big bowl games.

Boise has played one SEC team and lost by 35 to Georgia in 2005 - off season to prepare

2007 Oklahoma (Fiesta Bowl Game) - 37 days to prepare

2009 Oregon - all off season to prepare

2010 TCU (Fiesta Bowl Game) - 30 days to prepare

2010 Virginia Tech - all off season to prepare

2010 Oregon State - 1 Week (Oregon St. will finish the season 5-7)

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I've been telling people that for years. Anybody can put together a game plan for a good opponent with tons of time to prepare, knowing you only have to get up for a couple games a year. I won't be impressed until they can win a few games against good opponents in the middle of the season.

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