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New Football Building is an investment in AUBURN

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I saw a post elsewhere that indicated there may be some AU donors who are reluctant to invest in the new football complex project, “because of Gus and his tendency to blow clearly winnable games.”

I am not going to tell people what they should and should not do with their money.  Each person has to make that decision on their own.  But this, to me, is one of the more short-sighted, maybe even ignorant, things I have heard.

I can recall touring the current athletic complex when it was built some THIRTY YEARS AGO.  During that time it has served several AU head coaches and administrators, along with countless athletes.  Given this reality, any money given toward a project to build a new football only complex for Auburn would be an investment in that, Auburn.

This building would serve Auburn, help recruit kids to Auburn, and help the current AND FUTURE Auburn staffs in their quest for championships for years (and years) to come.  It would be around to serve current and future coaches, players and administrators for decades.

To make this as some sort of stamp of approval or disapproval of the current staff shows a lack of understanding, in my opinion.  If Gus is around long term to enjoy it and get the most out of it, that will mean he has built a program we can all be proud of.  If not, your gift will have made it easier to attract the next coach, and the next one, and the next.  And it will make it easier for them to be successful once they arrive.

If we had waited until we hired a basketball coach we all believed in 100% before building Auburn Arena, we would never have been able to attract a coach like Bruce Pearl.  We began building it when Jeff Lebo was coach and, I believe, renovated (or modified) it somewhat for Tony Barbee when he came in.  I don’t think there is any chance AU fans were all in for either of those guys.  But the investment in Auburn paid off.

Give your money or don’t give it.  That is your call.  But don’t hold on to money you would otherwise be willing to give because you are afraid it might help Gus!?!!?!?!  This is an investment in AUBURN.

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I do feel that donors will come through with the money for a football only complex and this will happen within the next few years. We need this and need to finish getting JHS up to speed with closing in the exterior of the north EZ and possibly getting the stadium size up to the 90,000 mark.

Not sure whatever initiatives are on the for-front, but I feel that we will get this accomplished in given time.


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I wish the Auburn donors would come up with the money and pay off Malzahn's contract. Now in his 6th year, Malzahn's total won loss record is check the stats.

2013, 12-2, 8-1
2014, 8-5, 4-4
2015, 7-6, 2-6
2016, 8-5, 5-3
2017, 10-4, 7-2
2018, 2-1, 0-1
Bowl games: 1-4
Total: 47-23, 26-17
2 SEC West Championships
1 SEC Championship
0 National Championships

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