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  1. I think Nix has objectively gotten better but was paired with two 2 coaches with s*** passing offenses and that couldnt develop qbs. They also put a barely functioning team around him. 2019 had probably the best pieces around Nix, bit even then the oline was just solid and not great. It is true though the pack 10 has by far worse defense than the SEC. The only real way to judge Bo was if he went to a team with really good but not insane talent (like LSU level or something) and then had to play Georgia or Bama. On a more level playing field against excellent defenses, what would he do. Oregon has the skill position guys but their lines cant matchup with absolute killers like Georgia's d line.
  2. How will the dynamic work with Holloway and Pettiford on the same team? Are they both true points guards?
  3. No offense but the only even halfway consistent 3 ball guy we had in the 1-4 this year was Jaylin and that's when he didnt dissapear. Kd was definitely not reliable. Cmo is not a scorer, period. Aden could be that guy, we dont yet know how it translates to college. I assume it will. I think Denver will be one. That's 3 possible. So we definitely need one more. We better get one at the 3 spot...that's the real key to this offense.
  4. Just seems like you could run some 3 guard sets we we need more scoring punch. I realize there are drawbacks to those sets, I just hate seeing us let go of a guy like that unless we can counter with a top tier guy at the preferred position (the 3).
  5. Yeah I get it we are looking for a SF, I just feel like we need shooting however we can get it. Hopefully, Bruce can reign in a 3 that can shoot from outside.
  6. I dont get the backing off Olivari unless we have some major scoring punch waiting in the wings. If last few years taught us anything, we need shooters. We got Aiden and Jones, but feel like we need at least one more guy who can pop it out from outside.
  7. Kirby wouldve found him a nice underwater basket weaving class at Uga. Notice they and Bama never have these issues.
  8. Unfortunately not the same scenario. The 2002 team had underachieved to that point. The roster was loaded with guys who would be part of the 2004 undefeated team. 2002 2003 2004 and maybe 2005 were Tubs most talented teams. We may have been underdogs, but we absolutely matched The Updykes talent wise in that game. This year nowhere close unfortunately. Obviously anything can happen and I hope it does!
  9. Exactly. I'm not sure Harsins point, but compared to other recent Auburn teams he didnt coach, this defense sucks. Hell, even compared to last years defense (that he did coach), it sucks. It comparatively sucks on many levels.
  10. Kirby is shady as f$$. I would definitely not put it past him to take anything he could have back to Bama to get an advantage. When he left Bama, he stole the names off their recruiting board and showed it to recruits. He cried to the SEC office after the first Au vs uga game in 2017 saying our dbacks were getting away with holding. The guy has no scruples or class. He will literally use anything he can get his grubby hands on to get an advantage. Learned from the best at it.
  11. I agree with all but the 2019 team. Feel like with a great qb that team couldve done some damage, even with the Autist himself Gussy calling the shots. But we had Bocephius Nix instead. 2018, 2020, 2021 and now 2022 were hot garbage though with the last half of 21 and 22 being the worst of the bunch. You'll totally correct in we've essentially been crap for years.
  12. Stidham's success was mostly predicated on how the run game did. The reason for that was he came from an offense (Art Briles) where he was only taught to make one or two reads before throwing. Then he comes into a Gus Malzahn offense that doesn't give him the passing options or coaching to find them all even if there were many (Gus never taught QB's to read defenses either). Because of the aforementioned, Gus's passing was all predicated on running the ball well to succeed. Games in 2017 where we ran well (which there were a lot because we had a good online) Stidham usually played pretty darn well. When we didn't (Clemson, 2nd Uga game) he usually played like crap. Then the 2018 team lost nearly the whole line from 2017 and severely regressed at run blocking. That was the main reason for Stidham's decline in 2018. Overall, he was pretty darn accurate and possessed elite arm strength on certain types of throws.
  13. I'd take Sammy Coates level impact from Brown in a heartbeat. I trashed Sammie's 'stone hands' on east routes at times like the rest of us, but he was an elite big play receiver for Auburn. Probably one of the best we've had. In fact, I argue part of Jeremy Johnson's downfall/regression in 2015 was the loss of Coates and his ability/threat to take the top off the defense.
  14. I personally dont see him having the body type needed to shed trash at the NFL level. Hes probably got good enough strength at the safety position, I just dont see that at linebacker....even outside linebacker unless it's like the star position or something like that. He might be a good candidate for a team that utilizes that position but not one that expects the outside backer to engage lineman and such.
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