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Reflections on a perfect Homecomig


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Not that I questioned the heart or head of this team before, but, It was GREAT to see the team's attitude from start to finish in this game. They had their heads out of the clouds and brought their lunch pails. It is time to say that this TEAM can very well have that "special" season that we all agree they so richly deserve.

The Senior leadership is evident. The talent level is better than at any time in recent memory. The Coaching staff is dialed in and making the right adjustments throughout the game.

Dare I say it?.......Get a good grip and hang on. This "ride" is about to get GOOD.

I said it before the TN game and it is worth stating again...I would not be afraid to take this TEAM anywhere to play ANYONE.

Up next?.....Let's get ready to have a good old fashioned hog killin' ! ! !

WAR EAGLE ! ! !...ONE at a time.

Now and forever...WAR EAGLE ! ! ! :au:

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Though the final score was nice, the Tigers were far from perfect today, compared to last weekend's performance. Our secondary play was not very good, especially on third and long. D line played great. Offense looked good. The coaches were obivously upset at halftime with the play on both sides of the football. All in all, I give the team a B for effort.

On a more positive note, there were no serious injuries, and the offense seemed to click pretty well. I predict a 20-point win over the Hogs.

WDE :au:

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