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Ronnie Brown & Carnell Williams


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The two backs have played in 33 games together.

Auburn is 13-0 when both have at least 50-yards rushing. :big:

9-1 when both backs have at least 10 carries.

Here is a their combined average yardage per game:

2001: 124.5

2002: 164.0

2003: 139.8

2004: 217.1 :big:

Gotta love Borges and his game plan to play both backs.

WDE / Beat Georgia :au::football::cheer:

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I just wonder what will happen next year. With a stable of Running backs: Kenny Irons, Carl Stewart Tre Smith, Brad Lester, Jerald Watson, and any other freshman recruits, what kind of numbers they will put up in Borges' system?

He taylor-made this system to fit these seniors. How will it be different next year.? Just rhetorical questions that makes me wonder what the future looks like at :au:


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AU will definitely need their A-game in two weeks. UGA is going to be a tough win. I just hope it doesn't come down to the wire like they usually do. Something horrible always seems to happen to AU on these last second UGA plays.

As far as next year, obviously we're going to take a hit. When you lose two guys like Caddy and Ronnie you're going to slow down a little bit. The two backs coupled with the loss of JC will make for a rough year. Cox looks promising in his limited playing time. The (proposed) running back by committee obviously won't be as high-powered as this year but it should still fit. If nothing else, this year should show us all that Al Borges knows how to win with what he's got. He'll have a lot of time with these kids and they'll already be used to the basics of his system going into next season. I doubt we'll be in NC contention again next year, but another SEC championship game shouldn't be out of the question.

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  I gotta ask...what game was the loss when they both had 10 carries???



Georgia Tech Game 03

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Thanks man...

Just proof that I am completely blocking out the first two games of '03...wouldn't have guessed GT in a million tries...but that figures.

Thought the Florida game where Caddy got hurt was it...he must have gone out before ten carries.

Thanks again!

FYI---how 'bout we get these guys 10+ each for the next four games!!!!

:au: WAR EAGLE :au:

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Against SEC Competition, CW and RB are averaging:

188yds rushing / 6.08 avg per carry / 2 TD's per game

The two combined are averaging 228.8 yards against SEC opponents.

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