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Non BS post about recruits


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For those of you who might want to know the real story on those recruits at the Ga. game rather than "cute answers" here they are:

Over 200 recruits including the complete list of commits; plus:

Jerrell Powe, DT 6-3 322 Waynesboro, Miss. 5 STARS (Top DT in USA)

Tommy Trott TE 6-4 255 Montgomery, Ala. 4 STARS (Top TE in Ala.)

Antoine Smith RB 5-10 185 4.3 Pahokee, Fla. 5 STARS

Gabe Mckenzie TE 6-3 215 Mobile, Ala. 4 STARS

Bobby Greenwood DE 6-6 245 Prattville, Ala. 3 STARS

Lucas Taylor DB 5-11 175 Louisiana, 3 STARS

Jarraud Powers DB 5-9 175 Decatur, Ala. 3 STARS

Auburn is also high on the list of the following players:

Tray Blackmon LB 6-0 190 4.5 LaGrange Georgia (in a battle with UGA)*****

Darius Dewberry LB 6-4 218 Fort Valley, Georgia, In a battle with UGA)*****

Calvin Wilson OL 6-5 320 Hattisburg, Miss. ***

Anthony Dunning OL 6-3 325 Coffeyville, Ala. ***

Validimar Richard DT 6-4 255 Sunrise, Fla. ****

Jon Demps LB 6-3 223 Pensacola, Fla. ****

Jimmy Johns QB 6-3 223 Brookhaven, Miss. *

Michael Holton TE 6-4 220 Pompano Beach, Florida ***

Anquez Jackson OL 6-4 340 Fairfield, Ala. *** (Same team as Rex Sharpe)

This is by no means all the recruits we are looking at or in good shape for and remember, we already have committed:

Ali Sharrief RB

Andrew McCain OL

Oscar Gonzalez OL

Michael Harness OL

Alonzo Horton DE

and 5 more shown on the insiders.com

I predict this will be a BANNER recruitng year and the BIG game to host recruits will be the SEC championship game in Atlanta. WDE to all!

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tray blackmon, the number one rated linebacker in the nation now has us at the top of his list. this kid looks awesome on tape. if we continue to rack up recruits like we have been we are going to have some record setting defenses in the next few years.

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You got to know that a highly recruited running back is just dreaming of being used the way RB and CW is being used. To become a star and get the attention they have gotten. And Trott had to notice how the offense includes the TE. It can only be good that there were that many recruits at the game. Just to witness such a highly visible game with national championship implications, plus all the hype had to give them dreams of 'sugarplums'.

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Good info...and thanks...but just what was wrong with those "cute" answers??? B)

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200 were at the game as our guests? Is that some sort of record ? I don't think I've heard of a number that large for just 1 game. Does anyone remember how many recruits were at the '89 Auburn/bama game ?

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Cute answers are just that---cute! When somebody makes a post in w hich he or she obviously wants some legitimate information, CUTE answers don't get it! If you don't have some informative information to share, then go someplace else!

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I believe the list of 200 recruits includes all sports not just football. I was in the Houston airport last Thursday evening and overhead a father/son pair trying to figure out what "Tiger Walk" was. I asked them if they were going to AU and as it turned out they were on a recruiting visit for track. The son said that he had visited UTenn, KState, and had AU and Stanford left to visit. He said that his mind was pretty settled on KState at that point in time. I told him that he'd have his mind changed by Sunday! :)

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Tuberville notes that the atmosphere of beating a fifth-ranked team by 18 points certainly helps recruiting. “You can’t put a price tag on all of that exposure,” he says. “And with the players that were here--we had 350 recruits with their parents and five official visits--it can’t get any better than that. The way we played and the atmosphere before and after was just tremendous. Our phones are ringing off the wall. I learned that a long time ago--winning takes care of recruiting. This could be a special year.”

Whole Article



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