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1957 Auburn Football Full Length Highlight


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Thanks RIR, this brought back a lot of memories for me. I only missed one game and that was the Georgia game, can't remember why but we won. Tommy Lorino was a dear friend of mine all through the years. He passed away recently and unfortunately I did not know it until after the funeral. I know some on this board might remember that he owned a  barbecue restaurant on South College near the interstate. My wife and I would stop in Auburn on our way to Orange Beach from Atlanta to gas up and have a bit to eat. I think the name of it was "Tommy Lorino's Golden Rule Barbecue", in any case we walked in and saw all of this pics of him and other members of the 1957 team. I asked the waitress if he ever came in and she said, yes, he is in the kitchen right now helping out. Well Tommy came out and it was quite an old home week. I hadn't seen him in while and it was great seeing him. He was an SEC referee for many years. He was a side judge because he was often the only one fast enough of his crew that could stay up with the wide receivers. Also, a few of the '57 team were in my fraternity at Auburn, namely, Jerry Wilson and Ronnie Robbs. Those guys were tough as nails. If you noticed they played both ways, offense and defense. I am glad the NCAA changed that a few years later. I think that was a good move and allowed us to see a much better quality of football.

Rest in peace Tommy.

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