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Year of the peacock?!


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1 hour ago, TigerPAC said:

Is this an omen for AU???

I’m good with the Peacock omen, but not the 15 beating the 2 lol

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I have completely missed the story behind the peacock. I'm seeing this posted all over the place but do not know what it means.

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29 minutes ago, thewhiz7 said:


 Thank you @tgrogan21  I have seen the P in a blue block a lot as well. Is that also about Peacock? 


Nah, it's from this song. I haven't listened to this one so I have no idea about it. I just know Jabari and other players on the team love it and constantly talk about Pushin P.

Because I'm old and out of the loop this is from a yahoo! article:

"TikTokers are all about "pushin P" these days. But no one can really figure out what it means. Even Kim Kardashian used it to describe her "Beach Party" on Instagram. The phrase became popular thanks to rapper Gunna's song of the same name. So here's how to decipher its highly fluid meaning. When written in text form the capitalized "P" is presented as the P emoji in a blue or black square. The slang phrase is regional and hails from the south. The "P" usually stands for "player" or "paper" (as in money) but it can be used to represent any word that starts with "P". However, the meaning of the phrase is essentially a way of attributing someone with authentic qualities like loyalty or ambition. When IHOP tweeted, "We're always pushing Pancakes," (using the P emoji), Gunna responded, "IHOP Pushin P" "

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5 minutes ago, thewhiz7 said:

Thank you @tgrogan21   I am out of the loop but you have helped me to understand what is going on! Haha. Thank you!

No problem. I spend way too much time on Twitter. lol

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