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1983 Alabama Game Flashback


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That was the first AU victory over uat I could ever remember being upset about. AU was so much better, but still had that uat "aura" bothering them, I guess. Should have beat them by 24 or so. Loved that defense. 


Edit....should have written  'slightly upset'. 😄

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18 minutes ago, augolf1716 said:

Last game I watch with my older brother in Boca Gran, Fl we  had a great time drinking beer going to the beach eating all the seafood we wanted. Lots of great memories....

Then he died on my birthday the following year.

Great last game/weekend memory and sorry for your loss.
Hard to believe almost 40 years ago. Rarely a game I missed in the 80’s if in driving distance. 

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I was there- really a surreal feeling to the game. They asked the bands to go under the stands and the cheerleaders to turn off their microphones. But the fans just stayed put with the sirens going off and thunder and lightning while the teams played on! I can still remember looking up and seeing the light pole swaying. I was young and stupid- it never occurred to me to leave. 🤣

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