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  1. Mrs. Howell for the win. Elegant, sophisticated and rich. Just as soon as I knock Mr. Howell she's mine.
  2. I would rather put the figure 4 leg lock on the idiot who said yea, lets hire him. But I feel ya.
  3. Take that Harsin. well, I guess you can take it along with your 15 mill.
  4. actually, he played us if you want to know the truth to get money from bama.
  5. or, or maybe he just wants to leave. Ever think of that?
  6. It’s Great to be an Auburn Tiger I say it’s Great to be an Auburn Tiger
  7. the stupid "putting my sword away" after a tackle against VANDY is embarrassing.
  8. If it's not helping our current situation, who cares what some past record is. We can claim a thousand and it still want change today. To hell with what we can claim, I want to win today, now and the future. Strictly my outlook and mine alone. Not bashing at all but I just cant focus on past what could have been, that's a huge waste of time and energy to me.
  9. Until we can stop teams from converting 3rd down and bazillion yards to first downs we will never see a corner to turn just a huge circle that has plagued us for years
  10. this. never know who the locker room is behind either, he could just be keeping peace right now. If that's the case, I hate it because I can't stand a crybaby that controls anything.
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