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Campbell vs. Clausen ( 3rd down )


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Both teams obviously want to shut down the other's running game, putting the game into the QB's hands. If this is the case, Auburn has a major edge with the performance of Jason Campbell this season.

Since becoming the starter, Rick Clausen has compiled a 126.1 QB rating compared to Campbell's 170.0 rating.

Clausen has tossed 5 picks in the last three games while JC has 5 in the last 11 games. Clausen has been picked off 4 times on 3rd down passes ( 29 attempts ). Jason has been picked two times on 3rd down off of 71 pass attempts.

Jason Campbell has been terrific this season on 3rd down, compiling a 194.9 rating on 3rd down. Of his 71 pass attempts on third down, 10 have gone for TD's and 26 have gone for firstdowns. This translate to a 51% conversion rate on obvious passing situations. Clausen has 2 TD's and 12 firstdowns on his 29 attempts, which translates to a 48% conversion rate on 3rd down. He's compiled a pass rating of 109.1 on 3rd down. JC has averaged 10.3 yards per pass attempt on 3rd down, while Clausen has averaged 6.6 yards.

As expected, Clausen has been efficient on early passing downs, so it'll be important to put him in obvious passing situations. On the other hand, Campbell has been more efficient on 3rd down than any other down, which is why our offense has been so successful.

The day of forcing Campbell to beat you is over....

Go ahead Tennessee, make JC's day!


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48% on third down isn't bad at all...actually it's pretty good. But he hasn't faced us yet!


No, it's not but the 4 picks against some very poor pass defenses doesn't sound good either. I'm sure Gene Chizik has a few new twists Clausen hasn't seen.

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