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defensive recruits


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This one year of recruiting will bring in enough players to field a stacked defense.

of the commits so far

4 Linebackers...all are apparently top notch.

4 Defensive Backs

3 Defensive Tackles

and I wouldn't be surprised if we eventually saw Mckenzie at Defensive end if the coaching staff feels he will be excellent there.

on offense...

2 Offensive Lineman

2 wide recievers

2 TE

We will probably land one running back but maybe not...

1 kicker---who was definitely a star in highschool

we have lots of depth at QB so we really don't need/want one this year...and WR has a lot of depth...but given the loss of Danny Lindsey and Jeremy Ingle...I wouldbe surprised to see somebody converted to o-line during spring trainging to help fill in the depth chart there....

the defensive depth will be amazing though...it seems the linebackers and d-line wil be better than ever....it will be a challenge for a d-back to develop into a junior rosegreen or Carlos Rogers type player though.

I hope tre smith's injury is getting better..I think he will surprise some people next year.

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in general it seems tubby gives the defense just about whoever they want and whover is left out of the mix on the defensive front is considered free game for the offensive line coach...torbor came in as a fullback....dansby as a wideout/athlete...duckworth moved from nose gaurd to offensive tackle....this goes with the tubberville strategy of getting speed...the defensive lineman are faster than the o lineman and he always likes to convert the fast guys intoa position that is normally a little slower guy....DB into LB...LB into DE...DE into DT...DT into OL

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