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One of my favorite series of the game


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 Near the end of the game, when bama is throwing every down trying to catch up, that jack-leg Gary Danielson says that our DL is just gassed and can’t rush anymore. The next few plays after that comment, in order:


  1. we quickly wrap Hurts up in the backfield, but he manages to shovel to an RB for no gain
  2. a bama OL jumps offsides b/c he is terrified of getting beat by Holland
  3. we sack Hurts for about an eleventy billion yard loss.


Felt like the entire DL telling Gary and UA to bite it.

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I LOVED this moment. Laughed my head off. I remember Gary saying that Gus was going to need to take a TO to give the defense time to rest because they were "absolutely gassed." 

Saban ended up taking a TO too. Awesome moment. 

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