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Defensive two-deep depth chart post-spring


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Breaking down the Auburn defensive two-deep depth chart post-spring game

Brody Smoot
2-3 minutes

The Auburn coaching staff will certainly be looking for some guys to step up this season on the defensive side of the ball. Several players entered the 2022 NFL draft in the offseason. Some of those that entered the draft were Smoke Monday, Roger McCreary, and Zakoby McClain. All three will be missed by the Auburn faithful for sure. However, there is no time for missing players in a powerhouse conference like the SEC.

Thus far, the Tigers have made several key additions to their roster this offseason. Oregon transfers DJ James and Jayson Jones are both set to have a large role in Jeff Schmedding’s defense. North Carolina transfer Eugene Asante will also be a pivotal piece to the puzzle for the Tigers’ defense this upcoming season. As of right now, the defense is expected to be what head coach Bryan Harsin sees as the strong suit, especially with the uncertainty at the quarterback position. It will be crucial for the Tigers to take a step forward on the defensive side of the ball. They will most definitely need it.

Auburn Wire breaks down the projected post-spring game depth chart on the defensive side of the ball.


(AP Photo/Michael Woods)

  1. Marcus Harris / Zykevious Walker
  2. Jeffrey M’Ba


Todd Van Emst/AU Athletics

  1. Jayson Jones
  2. Marquis Burks


(AP Photo/Butch Dill)

  1. Colby Wooden
  2. Tobechi Okoli / Dylan Brooks


(AP Photo/Michael Woods)

  1. Derrick Hall
  2. Eku Leota


(Photo by Michael Chang/Getty Images)

  1. Owen Pappoe
  2. Cam Riley


© Dan Rainville via Imagn Content Services, LLC

  1. Wesley Steiner / Eugene Asante
  2. Joko Willis


Gary Cosby Jr.-USA TODAY Sports

  1. Donovan Kaufman
  2. J.D. Rhym


Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

  1. Nehemiah Pritchett
  2. A.D. Diamond / Tony Hunley Jr.


(AP Photo/Andy Nelson)

  1. D.J. James
  2. Jaylin Simpson


John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

  1. Cayden Bridges
  2. Marquise Gilbert


John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

  1. Zion Puckett
  2. Caleb Wooden
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1 hour ago, Sizzle said:

I never realized how thin we are at safety. There’s barely any experience back there

i think maybe they are looking at the portal. i hope so.

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Experience at Safety is an issue but we are at least two deep at every position and the way Wooden has played we are looking better at Safety with Wooden but I think we also have a couple more DB's coming in this fall. Ideally we get 1 more Safety in Portal and one more Edge Rusher in Portal but it is O side where we need most help in O-Line and WR.  I think we might pick up a WR but I doubt we get an O-Line

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6 hours ago, Sizzle said:

I never realized how thin we are at safety. There’s barely any experience back there

Safety is a position that scares me.  
We’ve got some players at LB, but that depth doesn’t look great either.  
DL is the strength of the team (with TEs)

I’m curious to see what @bigbird thinks about the Safety position.  

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They got options. You can go 2 EDGE's, a safety, a DL/DE, and even a Mike LB. But assuming you don't want to use 5/7 portal spots on D, you can try and get a versatile guy like the Nebraska DL who can sorta play all over the line. Could also theoretically convert Riley or Joko to EDGE/OLB and one of the CB's to safety. Maybe Pritchett 

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Ive heard people talking about Riley helping at the edge spot.  What about Dylan Brooks.  I know as a junior in high school he was a terror, some say when he put on weight his senior year it affected his speed.  Auburn must have thought so as well, he is listed almost 20 lbs lighter than his signing weight.  

Receiving in the portal is tough given we have no established QB.  Alabama signed potentially 5 receivers this cycle out of high school, and still picked up two great ones from the portal.  Thats a lot easier to do when you want to get to the league and you have a Bryce Young tossing the rock. 

OL in portal, unless the person has a couple of years eligibility, or is just outstanding, why take a chance, we have four of the five seniors.  That situation is absolutely scary for 23.  No matter how good the kids we get this cycle, its doubtful they should be starting in 23, but some will have to given the total lack of bodies.   And as much as people complain about our offensive line, the few backups we have now.....cant beat them out......and will be starting in 2023, think about that.   We better be advertising NIL money for OL these next couple of years til we get a few classes of HS kids seasoned.  


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