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Jacob's Light Foundation


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Dorine Kenney, Jacob's mother, started the Jacob's Light Foundation in memory of her beloved son.

While in Iraq Jacob asked her to send one of his buddies a box as he hadn't received any from home. He would also ask her to send specific items for some of the other soldiers there. She was happy to do so.

Eleven days after Jacob's death was his 29th birthday. For his birthday Dorine sent the first box of what was to become Jacob's Light Foundation. A foundation that to date has sent 35,000 lbs of items and letters to support his military brothers and sisters.

She continues the mission to comfort and support our selfless, brave hero's overseas in her sons loving memory.


Mission Statement

Our Mission is to send our military overseas necessities and comforts from home. We focus on military without family or support from home. We want to give them the support they need and to be a lifeline from America.

What we are doing is packing boxes with toiletries, foods and snacks, reading and writing materials as well as bug wipes, sunscreen, batteries and other necessities for our troops. Special items are sent for the holidays.

We also include letters from the public and letters and pictures from children.

We also care for soldiers who’s families cannot afford to send boxes to their loved ones.

We shop in between our packing dates and with the help of volunteers move the stored items to the American Legion where we set them up for the following evenings packing. Twenty to twenty five wonderful volunteers gather to pack the boxes.

The following day a volunteer brings the boxes to the post office for mailing.

We are a legal 501 (3) c (not- for- profit) foundation and can accept donations directly.


Jacob's Light Foundation is grateful for your financial donations so we can continue our mission. Please make all checks or money orders payable to Jacob's Light Foundation and mail to:

Jacob’s Light Foundation

116 Nadia Court

Port Jefferson, New York 11777

To make donations on line please click here.

Thank you

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