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GREAT Interview From Lindy's


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Great Interview With Courtney Taylor

Courtney Taylor keys Tigers' offense

By Lyn Scarbrough

Posted: 08/23/2006

If things had gone the way he had it planned, fans might have been pulling for Courtney Taylor, Auburn basketball player.

Or maybe Courtney Taylor, Alabama basketball player.

Or maybe Courtney Walker, basketball player for somebody.

"I thought I was a basketball player," explained the Auburn senior wide receiver.

"That's my favorite sport ... basketball. So, when Auburn offered me a chance to play football, I said, 'Are you serious? Me play college football?'"

And, then there was the matter of where he would play. His hometown, Carrollton, is little more than 30 miles west of Tuscaloosa.

"I didn't really grow up an Alabama fan," he recalled. "But, I did root for them some since they were close to home and a lot of family and friends pulled for them.

"But then Auburn gave me my first chance. The first time that we visited Auburn, we all fell in love with it ... my dad, my mom, all of us. You could tell that the coaches genuinely wanted me at Auburn. I felt privileged to just have a chance to attend this school and play football here."

So, that takes care of the sport ... and the school.

But, Courtney Walker?

"My last name should really be Walker," he said. ...

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Guest Tigrinum Major

Name dropper.

You're on a roll tonight.

I try to keep the masses entertained.

That really was a good article, even if it was from a hack publication. I have heard others talk about how they thought Taylor was going to be the next Michael Jordan. He is a rare talent.

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