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AU Football All-Access Podcast: Arkansas State Review....

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The show sure is more fun breaking down a dominant win than a "woulda, shoulda, let's fahr Gus" game outcome! :)

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What a difference one week makes in a team's performance, as amid sharply negative reactions from his own Auburn fan base about his offensive strategy against Clemson, Gus Malzahn fielded an Auburn offense against Arkansas State Saturday night in Jordan-Hare that exploded for 706 total yards against Arkansas State Saturday night in Jordan-Hare.

In doing so, Malzahn certainly appeared to have fully resolved the question of his starting QB, as Sean White looked impressive in hitting a deep corps of wide receivers on a 74% completion percentage. It included a highlight reel one-handed snag by true freshman WR Kyle Davis that drew Brent Musburger mentions of THE catch by Odell Beckham, Jr.

Is the Auburn offensive explosion a genuine turning point, or was it at least partly a mirage against an inferior mid-major talent? Join Coach John Ray and Doug Dean as they break down the game and look ahead to a serious SEC West opponent who will enter Jordan-Hare next Saturday night - the Texas A&M Aggies.

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