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I’ve never been good at math…


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1 minute ago, PowerOfDixieland said:

....and then the rest of us, the unwashed masses from AuburnEagle.

Exactly. It's been a tortuous road but lots of fun. Of course a few A-holes snuck in😀

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I remember how passive aggressive many became when I made the who are some of your favorite posters thread. There's going to be some passive aggressive people about badges I imagine......

Oh yeah I'll trade all of my badges in, just make me a mod so I can start my get back early.....😃

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3 minutes ago, augolf1716 said:

I can give you all you want..just send cash

Lol. Nah if I'm good at anything on here it's getting dislikes. I'm a professional no help needed in that area. I suck at golf though need lessons

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2 hours ago, Proud Tiger said:

I got a Newbie badge although I have been here forever😀

Me too. I don’t post a lot but apparently I joined in ‘07. 

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3 hours ago, AuCivilEng1 said:

I’m noticing the reputation score is gone too. I’ve spent a lot of years pandering and catering to you fools to earn those reactions! 


Without those little numbers up there, I look at posts from guys like @DAGand just assume they’re newbie scum. 

Ha.  Stick it @bigbird.  You are scum just like the rest of us.  No more padding likes ;D

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