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How quick will this thing reverse itself?


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Now that ESPN, CBS, etc., have failed in propping up their desired Championship bid with Alabama, I wonder how long it will take them to reverse their tune and start to sing Auburn's praises? It is pretty evident to me that this whole "Cam Newton fiasco" was a hatchet job from the get-go. No one was able to stop him in the game, so they try the only thing they know to attempt to get in his head. The politics and sinister side of college football should make us all sick!

I know we still have the time to make it all happen, but it sure boils by blood to know that the above mentioned have repeatedly endeavored to de-rail our season. I sincerely hope that good will prevail over evil in this case and fully expose what has really been going on.

When its all said and done, we will have defeated not only the opposition on the football field,.....but a lot of sinister elements also. Makes you want to quit it all,.....but I love it so much. The good and right side of things should never have to take a lower seat to the evil and wrong side.   :wareagle:

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They will move on to Boise and TCU

They already have...Robert smith saying he is going to put TCU 2 and claims he doesn't know if he will drop Auburn or Oregon...hahaha...No worries at the end of Dec 5 we will be going to the BCSCG if we are undefeated.

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