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MODS: Separate forum for “Allegations�?


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I am wondering if it would be a good idea to have a separate forum for the "Newton Allegations"?

We are allowing this to rob us of the joy of this season. I am guiltier of that than most.

In no way am I trying to imply this is not a HUGE story, maybe it is so big that it deserves a separate forum.

We (including me) are wallowing in and even helping perpetuate the misery. If there is substance to it, there is nothing we can do, if there is no substance, we are wasting a lot of time and emotional energy.

Again, not saying this should not be discussed, but it would be nice to also have a place that is focused on this team and this season.

Sadly, I am to the point where I would rather hear all the experts here explain what the coaching staff and players are doing wrong on defense and what and who they should change. Those that want to read and write about the allegations would still have a place to do that as well, just a separate place.

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