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Trev admits we're the best team


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Like trev or not this kind of talk is good for us. The more exposure the better. I trust our guys to stay focused one game at a time and if we get a little lucky good things might happen.

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Watching ESPN2 halftime show.  Trev says we should be no. 1.  Blasted the preseason polls.  Said offense is best in the nation.  Is it the kiss of death?


No. It's not the kiss of death. He's an after-the-fact kind of guy stating an obvious point. He's only a couple of weeks behind the times about jumping on the AU bandwagon. Does his opinion matter all that much to the players & coaching staff that have been getting it done every week -- with or without this recent endorsement? You already know the answer to that one.

Blasted the preseason polls ... :yawn: ... whoo, there's an original thought. Now, if he'd come out and equally blast the BCS for the total sham it is because it's impossible to fairly pick only two top teams deserving to play for the NC with human and/or computer polls, then I'd begin to take his opinion more seriously. This would be especially impressive if he would blast the BCS before there's an obvious controversy. I'm not holding my breath for good ole Trev to do so -- his MO has always been state the obvious after-the-fact. I've seen many people post the track record of the BCS with regards to the number of unbeatens between when the 1st BCS rankings are released compared to the number of unbeatens right before the bowl games, and all have noted the number of unbeatens has never more than 2. Relax, this will take care of itself we're told. Yeah? If I were a member of the BCS commission, I wouldn't get too comfortable at this point. Not one but two non-BCS conference teams, Boise St (WAC) & Utah (Mtn West) have a very good chance of running the table looking at the remaining teams on their schedules. Either or both of them would be more deserving of a BCS bowl bid than the Big East champ, which just might end the season with 2 losses, btw. Of the 6 BCS conferences, 5 have an undefeated team still in the running. Sure there are landmines aplenty along the way but all should still be favored in their remaining games, right? Will some of the unbeatens suffer an upset? Probably. Will all but one or two get upset? At this point the way some of these teams are playing (e.g. SC, OU, Wisc & AU) I have to think probably not. If the unthinkable (to the BCS commission) happens where we have up to 4 undefeated teams say, SC, OU, Wisc & AU, before the bowl games, then what? Does everyone blindly follow the BCS and accept SC vs OU in the Orange Bowl for the "real" NC game and AU vs Wisc in the Sugar Bowl for the unreal NC game? We have the precedent of a split NC from last year, remember. Here's a wild thought for you: if those 4 teams do end up undefeated, what do you think of SC telling the Orange Bowl "thanks, but no thanks -- rather than fly across the country, we'd prefer to play an undefeated Wisconsin for all the marbles in a traditional match-up for our Rose Bowl." The way these Pac-10 people out here feel about the Rose Bowl, I wouldn't put it past them.

No need to tell me there's a lot of football left to play. I'm aware of that.

Sorry for the ramblings -- just some thoughts I had. :au: One game at a time. WDE

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