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Absolutely Ecstatic


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Not only am I ecstatic, but I'm also:

athrill, beatific, blissful, cool, crazy, delirious, dreamy, elated, enraptured, enthusiastic, entranced, euphoric, far out, fervent, flipped out, floating, flying high, frenzied, gone, high, hopped up, in exaltation, joyful, joyous, mad, out, overjoyed, rapturous, ravished, rhapsodic, sent, spaced out, stoned, sunny, thrilled, tickled pink, transported, turned on, upbeat, weird, weirded out, wigged out, and wild.

Next two weeks should be absolutely amazing. Two weeks in which I will probably get NOTHING done. Probably the biggest game on the plains in 5 or so years this weekend and then the UAT game. The weather is amazing to top it off. I'm just an excited college student! :lol:

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