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Ok heres the question, I have a ticket, but my girlfriend doesnt :angry: I talked to a couple people, and they said if I wait till like 2 minutes after kickoff, I could get a ticket very easily for anywhere between 20-60 bucks. Do y'all agree for this game? I am a little worried that I wont find a ticket..... Even if I have to wait till even the 2nd quarter, I should find a ticket right? :au::(

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I wish you luck Vatz. I hope you and your sweetie get inside and if you do, scream a HUGE War Eagle for me as I will probably miss the entire game...AGAIN!

My U-14 soccer team will be playing our second tournament game at 4:30 EST in the American Tide Cup ( Fayetteville, Ga ). I missed last year's game because of the same tournament but I didn't miss much. :angry:

Our soccer team did win the tournament last year ( U-12 ), scoring the winning goal with less than 2 minutes left to play. :cheer::cheer:

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I talked to a couple people, and they said if I wait till like 2 minutes after kickoff, I could get a ticket very easily for anywhere between 20-60 bucks.

It would greatly surprise me if you were able to get a ticket for $20-$60 unless it's from a friend. Tickets are currently going for $250-$400, but unlike most games, prices may actually go up. One paper indicates there may be as many as 18,000 people there that will not have tickets, many of them Georgia students.

A few minutes after kickoff, I still expect tix to be going for $125 & up...... sorry

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For many (most) games that might be the case. But I have been hearing this is the toughest ticket to buy in many years at AU. Good luck, but I would have to tell my girlfriend to stay home and watch on TV and you could meet her at Toomer's Corner!!! Tell her to bring plenty of rolls!!!!

Check out this article from the B'ham News.


Well worth it

Friday, November 12, 2004


AUBURN - It's exactly 48 hours before kickoff and things are really hopping at Auburn University.

The RV lot is filling up. The TV crews are showing up. And tickets? They're way, way up.

Tickets for Saturday's Auburn-Georgia football game were flying off the shelf on eBay's Internet site Thursday, so much so that 30 sets of tickets had gone for at least $1,000 each when the clock passed 2:30 p.m. That's 48 hours before the nation's biggest college football game of the weekend.

No. 3 Auburn meets No. 8 Georgia in Jordan-Hare Stadium on Saturday with a lot to play for, whether it's the Tigers, who dream of a national championship, or it's Georgia, which still wants to play for the SEC title.

Will the game live up to the hype? More importantly, will the fan who coughed up $1,676 for four tickets plus the all-important parking pass get his money's worth?

He should. Auburn is 9-0. Georgia stands at 8-1. Auburn has the No. 1-rated quarterback in the SEC. Georgia has the No. 2-rated quarterback. Auburn has the No. 2-scoring defense in America. Georgia ranks up there in all sorts of categories.

OK, so you've plunked down the money, whether it was for your four tickets on the 40 ($1,200) or the five tickets on the 30 ($1,375), or whether you're the college kid who was selling his student ticket and ...

Improper? Let's just call it creative.

Anyway, there is much buzz about this game. The national media are staked out here, though even the large press corps is getting swallowed up by the sea of RVs that began showing up Wednesday.

What is everybody coming to see? A game with Bowl Championship Series implications and a lot of good players.

Try quarterback Jason Campbell. He leads the league in passing efficiency, but now must face a Georgia defense known for the sack. It is much the same defense that shut out Auburn for 57 minutes last year.

But Auburn does not have the same offense. This one is built on balance, whether it's Campbell throwing or Carnell Williams and Ronnie Brown running.

Maybe the fans want to see Georgia quarterback David Greene. He's merely the winningest quarterback in Division I-A history, and has thrown for almost 12,000 yards in his career. This year's amazing numbers? Try 16 touchdown passes and one interception.

Defensive coordinator Gene Chizik knows the numbers.

"He's just got such unbelievable accuracy and the receivers are great," Chizik said. "You just have to try to play them in more than one coverage and see what coverages you can play to help yourself. Our main objective is to not get beat deep."

That means, Chizik said, Auburn may back off receivers Fred Gibson and Reggie Brown, just so they don't blow by the defensive backs.

That means Auburn must decide where to play cornerback Carlos Rogers. A finalist for college football's top defensive back award, Rogers will likely cover Gibson. And Brown. Take your choice, Carlos - Gibson and Brown each have 42 catches.

If history is an indicator, Greene will want to throw where Rogers is not. The opposition has thrown most of its passes against cornerback Montae Pitts. Chizik now says he may replace Pitts with a backup.

"If they are going to score, it's got to be a 15-, 12-, 14-play drive," Chizik said. "They can't go out there in three plays and score on us or we will be in big trouble."

Georgia will likely play without leading rusher Danny Ware, who was hurt against Kentucky last week. Chizik shrugs at that prospect, saying the Bulldogs have plenty of good running backs to replace him.

Auburn knows about good running backs. Williams and Ronnie Brown have combined for 1,550 yards and 16 TDs.

They alone could be worth the price of admission, even at $1,676 for four and the parking pass.

E-mail: cgoldberg@bhamnews.com


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good luck! buying a ticket for 60. while you are waiting for the second quarter come around for a cheap ticket you have missed a quarter of great football.

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Went to Knoxville 10 years ago and scaplers were selling tickets for $250 at the end of the FIRST quarter. The only $60 ticket you will be able to find is in the pocket of some passed-out alumni. Hey, you can buy a real nice 20" flat screen TV for $150

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i wouldnt freak out if i were you. every one always gets paranoid about not being able to find a ticket to games like this. you just have to be patient. wait until right after kickoff and i bet you can find one for less than 80 dollars. i went to florida v. tennesee two years ago in knoxville and only paid 10 dollars for an endzone seat. last year i had friends come to the tennesee and alabama games. they waited until right after kickoff and found tickets for less than face value. i know this game is a lot bigger than those two were but dont let someone scam you into paying 200 dollars for one. just remember the scalpers have to get rid of the tickets or they lose money.

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