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Decisions Are Made By Those Who Show Up


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This is freaking hilarious!

Decisions are made by those who show up.

It’s a quote that’s been around for decades and has been variously attributed to everyone from President Truman to Woody Allen to President Bartlet from the hit TV drama The West Wing.

But if there’s anyone who knows what that phrase really means, it’s Democrat House Minority Leader Craig Ford.

Ford loves to opine about how the Republican super majority is the worst thing that’s ever happened to Alabama. He says it lacks transparency and is generally not serving in the best interest of the taxpayers. But if Ford cared so much, he wouldn’t have one of the poorest attendance records in the legislature. He frequently neglects to show up for committee meetings or on the House floor.

He also rarely shows up to present bills in the committees to which they have been assigned.

Yesterday one of Ford’s bills popped up in the Senate Judiciary Committee chaired by Senator Cam Ward. The bill would impose harsher penalties for the crime of bestiality in Alabama. It’s one of Ford’s “pet issues,” if you will. He has sponsored similar legislation numerous times throughout the years.

Representative Ford, of course, decided not to show up to present his bill. So Senator Ward decided to “help” Rep. Ford out. What could Senator Ward do to make sure the bill got a little more attention — the attention it deserves, some would say?

What about a catchy name?

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