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UAT vs BG in MCB?

DKW 86

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Could :ua: play BG in MCB?

Geez, another one of those kind of games where we win, and everybody says big deal, it was Bowling Green.

BUT, lose the game and EVERYBODY headlines " Bowling Green defeats mighty Alabama".

Personally, I'd rather us play a more nationally recognized opponent.

Wonder how the MCB feels about ticket sales for this potential match- up ?





Well heres some stats on Bowling Green:

Jacobs(Qb) 3637 yds 36 Td's

Pope (Rb) 947 yds 6.3 avg 13 Td's

Lane (Rb) 339 yds 4.2 avg 2 Td's

Magner (WR) 68 rec 678 yds 10.0 avg 6 Td's

Sharon (WR) 61 rec 953 yds 15.6 avg 13 Td's

Offense avg 166 rushing a game

Offense avg 335.6 passing a game ....Totals 501.6 yds

4th in the nation in total offense

4th in the nation in scoring offense

COuld be a very interesting Bowl Game IMHO.

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could be a good game or it could confirm my thought that the sec isn't down at all this year. i get the feeling that we're going to roll through bowl season just like last year. then i wanna hear as everyone in the nation backpedals with all that down year talk or makes excuses for the matchups. i'll put it this way: i'd take lsu over any team in the big ten, same for uga, bama's better than bowling green (i think they may through a shut out even against that offense which i've seen play a coupla times), florida beat fsu who whipped uva who looks to be the gators opponent, and i say we can beat all comers. the only question mark is tennessee who is apparently going to the cotton bowl. if they pull texas, that could be ugly.

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yeah...doesn't the B10 have the conference tie-in for that bowl? or are they out of bowl-eligible teams?

i think USC's brawl helps the tide out tremendously w.r.t. bowls. nashville vs. shreveport (no offense).... you decide.

as far as if bama were to play bowling green...those teams in the MAC put up lots of points. it would be an interesting game to watch.


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Fairly even match with the edge going to BG. :D

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Guest Tigrinum Major
if i am not mistaken,minnesota accepted a bid to play in the music city bowl....isn't that where craig nelson and jerry van dyke coach?


Yeah, I think so, and their mascot is the Screamin' Gophers, like Hueytown High School.

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A Bama/UM matchup is a coup for the MCB. They know Bama fans will show and most Big 10 teams will represent well. Bama should do well if they can get any offense going. The Gophers continually pound you with good running backs and I think Bama can hold them in check.

I imagine most Bama fans would be excited to have a Big 10 foe in the MCB considering all that has happened this year.

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