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Just got back from the Dome


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I know the LSU game was exciting, especially at the end. The Georgia game had lots of hype. But this game was OUTSTANDING!! This was the best game all year for me no doubt. The atmosphere was great early on with Auburn kicking ass and taking names. But I had to sit in the UT section and was right next to an AU section, so the 2nd half was unbelievable! The energy in the dome was ... words can't describe.

Jason Campbell - I know this may sound premature but - how he doesn't win the Heisman after today would fall anything short of ridiculous. This kid I have been a fan of forever, I mean - WOW! If it wasn't for Jason's outstanding performance, we would be 11-1 right now. Jason Campbell for Heisman. I know he won't win it, but it ranks up there with Auburn not getting in the NC.

SEC Champions! New Orleans is a hell of a lot more fun then Miami. Let's beat Virginia Tech!

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