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Congrats Auburn !!!!!


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Great season.. I was cheering my tail off for Auburn becuase Auburns wins put us in the Cap One bowl (bigger paycheck and its warmer !)

But anyway, way to keep the title in the west !!!

Congrats on a great season. I am sure all the SEC coaches who know what it takes to go undefeated in this conference will vote Auburn 1 (We already know Saban has been voting Auburn #1 for a few weeks)

Good luck no matter where you go. Its a great season, congrats on the SEC title.

Geaux Tigers - You chose which one.

Its GEAUX Tigers !!!

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Thanks Texas.. you're a class act. We just need the rest of our SEC brethren to spank up on their bowl opponents and we'll can for once disspell all this 'weak' SEC SOS talk. Imagine if LSU, UGA & Tenn win their bowl games...thats 4 10win teams that we should have to our credit. Going undefeated in this conferance has to mean something....

War Eagle!

Beat Iowa

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