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Si.com writers don't have a clue


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Here are 2 excerpts from a couple of articles that Si has posted. (RANT WARNING)

This is from an article entltied "Best Helmets"


8. Auburn University -- The Tigers adopted their trademark interlocking "AU" logo in 1966 and have stuck with it ever since. It's about the only thing that's not confusing about this program. OK, for the record, the school's only nickname is Tigers. War Eagle is not a nickname, but a battle cry. Aubie is the name of the Tiger mascot. Tiger is the name of the golden eagle, who also goes by War Eagle VI. Creampuff is the description of the school's non-conference schedule.


What in god's name does a teams schedule have to do with helmets?? Check the records of most NC teams for the last 20 years and you'll find a bunch of creampuffs. Oh and lets not forget that you actually have to win against them, just like everyone else.

This next one really pissed me off...


by John Walters

While everyone is sending out their condolence letters to Auburn this week -- I haven't seen such an outpouring of sympathy since Tom Cruise ditched Nicole Kidman -- everyone is also quick to point out their reasons for why Auburn, its 12-0 record notwithstanding, has been elimi-Dated from the Orange Bowl. Here's one I have not heard, although deep down I think it's at the heart of the matter:

People feel that Southern Cal and Oklahoma are just plain more fun to watch.

First, the Trojans and Sooners have national reputations and great tradition. The Tigers also have great tradition but, fair or unfair (and it's the latter), they just lack the same national Q-rating. Folks in Sylacauga and Opelika are spitting mad at that assertion, but they're in Sylacauga and Opelika. They aren't in Chicago. Or Denver. Or San Francisco. Or New York. If they were, they'd understand that their school just doesn't have the same national cache.

Second, USC and OU each have not one but two Heisman finalists. People, and AP voters are people, get excited about Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush and Jason White and Adrian Peterson. They don't get as excited about an awesome defense and a quarterback who, as sublimely as Jason Campbell has played this season, nobody outside the SEC knew a year ago. (Quick, is Jason Campbell black or white? If you don't know the answer, you're who I'm talking about.)

Auburn got screwed. But someone was going to get screwed. And that's no solace to the angry masses on Toomer's Corner. But I think the AP voters voted with their hearts a lot more than they'd care to admit.


So according to this jackass, if your school has a perfect record, but doesn't reside in a large city, you don't have any business playing for a championship? Also, if the general public cannot expeditiously state the color of your teams quarterback, you have no busniesss in the NC game....MY GOD Also, John Walters knows nothing about tradition. I know several PPL from USC and they have nothing that compares to the football traditions in the SEC.

The writers at Si obviouisly don't have a F**#Ging clue about college football, much less common decency. God forbid they actually discuss the system, which has failed in some way in each and every year. No...lets just interject half-ass'd opinions and wise cracks. OU and USC are deserving, but so are the other undefeateds. Too bad there is no chance to definitively proove this to anyone.

To wrap up, the media seems rather biased towards :au: . A hard-faught win for USC is a "struggle" for Auburn. Si has taken this journalist bull**** to another level. I'll be getting my sports news elsewhere. (RANT FINISHED)

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Although I think what has been said is horrible, it's true. We are not media darlings. I don't think the guy in the last article was saying that's how he felt, but that's what actually is, and he's right (unfortunately!)

As much as it sucks, nothing can be done until they change the system. Until then, concentrate on the positives:

1. We are UNDEFEATED!!!!

2. We beat three top ten teams!!!!

3. We are playing in a BCS bowl!

4. We are getting amazing recruits because of all this publicity!

5. Our boys are the most classy people you will ever meet in college football, the

players and the coaches!

We have a lot to be excited about and let's concentrate on that!!!!



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you may not like it but he's right. i lived in new york. i tell people i go to auburn, and most of them just look at me funny. i say "it's the biggest school in alabama, bout an hour from atlanta." they say "oh atlanta's fun right!" we don't have the q rating that either team (particularly usc) has. sad but true. and i definitely think people voted based on wanting to see this game last year.

jason campbell's the best qb in the nation, but folks don't know him like they know white (a heisman winner) or leinart (who we were informed about 30 times in the first game of the year grew up cross-eyed but now looks like a model... i saw/heard that about as much as one hears about david pollacks motor on a given saturday). caddy and ronnie are the best backs in the nation, but they split carries so they don't have peterson's numbers and neither put out for herby so they don't get the recognition of a reggie bush. and yeah, we have BY FAR the best defense of the big three (i'd say of the nation), but folks don't appreciate defense. they never have. defense wins championships; offense sells tickets. unless of course you screw the defense out of chance to even play the game then you can just have more offense! the title games going to look like arena football, and i'll probably throw up watching those two defenses fall all over themselves.

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I don't intend to take anything away from the :au: football team. Crazy mad props for this years remarkable achievement. I love the irony of CTT going undefeated a year after a coup attempt. (Take notice Lowder??)

But... i just can't get over the media bias. Saying "it's the way things are" doesn't mean that I have to accept it, much less like it. Football should be about performance on the field, nothing else. It sad that it has become a political game. If they continue, the passion of college football will decline. I can't watch the NFL with the same enthusiasm that i do when the Tigers play.

I have to give ESPN a bit of credit for "mostly" unbiased views of the football season. I'll stick with them until something better comes along. Some of the media reports seem rather caustic and lambasting towards the Tigers.



F@#$ the establishment, the BCS, and Si.

(so how was my first "bitter" post??)

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