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What will it take to win against LSU?


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So far this year, our Tigers have been a major disappointment. With the talent on this team, we have really played as a bottom dweller in the SEC.

Outside of the first half of the Louisville game, where our defense looked solid, we have fallen down on every side of the ball, save for special teams.

Offense : Overall Grade C- JJ's struggles have put the normal strength in our team into serious jeopardy. Two bright spots in terms of productivity have been Peyton Barber and Ricardo Louis.

Defense: Overall Grade D -- Since the injuries of Lawson and Matthews, the defensive play has been abysmal. We gave up 438 yards to an FCS school. I would have given the Defense an "F" save for the first quarter of the Louisville game. Ford, Adams, and McKenzie have been bright spots, but otherwise a huge letdown, since Lawson and Matthews have been sidelined.

Special Teams: A. -- This has been the bright spot overall due to the toe of Carlson. Hustle downfield has been good as well.

In order to win against LSU, we will have to play an A game and a B game on offense and/or defense. With Lawson being out the defensive unit is really going to have to find a way to gel and work together. I believe if they can raise their level to an overall B grade, we will have a chance to win. Without Lawson, I do not believe that the defense can be at an A grade level form.

The offense has the weapons and they are going to have to find a way to really use them. Barber is doing a good job of toting the rock, but we have to get our receivers more involved in the game. Duke is being way under utilized. We have to get the ball to him more, along with Louis and Jason Smith.

Jeremy is going to have to forget this year and become the QB he was last year. Forget about trying to be perfect, just be JJ. Hopefully Javon Robinson will be healthy and can come in a prove why he was # 1 out of Juco. Get Roc Thomas out on the edge and let him use his speed and elusiveness. The offense is going to have to turn in an A in order to win this game. With the defense banged up, the Offense is going to have to shine. JJ is going to have to prove he is a run threat in order to keep the LSU defense honest and he cannot afford to be throwing easy interceptions.

In summation, if the offense can find it's mojo and the defense turn in a better than normal performance, coupled with the special team play continuing, we have a chance to come out with a win. If we are less than an A on offense, B- on defense, and special teams play falls off, look for this to be our first loss. LSU stadium is an extremely hostile environment and LSU is hard to beat at home. I am hoping for the best and we should know what our chances are at raising our playing levels during the 1st quarter.

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