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I am almost 40 and have been a Auburn fan my whole life. I was born with that privelige. Heck, if you cut me, I will bleed Orange & Blue. I saw Dye's teams win multiple SEC Championships in the 80's, and probably like most fans during that era, got a little spoiled by it. I never would have thought at that time it would be 15 years before we would win another SEC Championship.

The lesson to be learned? Don't take one second of this for granted or let it in any way be even slightly tarnished by the BCS crap. Now that I am older, I can fully appreciate this team. We may have to wait a long time for another championship (But I don't think so), but I will never forget this team. I had season tickets during '93 and this tops that season by far.

I won't soon forget: the seniors that came back, a QB who silenced all of his critics, what a "team" really means, two incredible RBs working together with NO egos, receivers who stepped up and made plays (I love you 86!), two CBs who could shut down anyone, a DOMINATING D, and character and a WILL not to lose.

Yes, I have waited a long time to say Auburn SEC Champs. I have a recorder on my refrigerator and I recorded Jim Fyffe saying from the Auburb casette I have" Ladies and Gentleman, It is over! Hail to the Champions of the Southeastern Conference- The AUBURN TIGERS!!". We miss you Jim, but we are sure you had the best seat in the house Monday night.

Yep, regardless of what happens tonight, our team is 13-0...



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