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Auburn MNC Check This Out


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Ok I like that page...from now on I'll give Alabam credit for Bama having 17 MNCs adn Auburn having 5...of course I expect auburn to be adding to that total in the years to come.

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Quick trivia question for the local uaters....Ready???

Who has more MNC in the past TWENTY years?

AUBURN has THREE...uat has one.


WAR EAGLE....O N E at a time! ! ! :au::big:

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auburn is #1 in the following computer polls as shown at http://www.mratings.com/cf/compare.htm

Wobus & RPI http://www.vaporia.com/sports/


mark - http://www.mcubed.net/index.html

GB Eldredge - http://hurricane.lsu.edu/_gbe/comppoll/comppoll.htm

Elrod- http://www.ellrodt49.com/footballmain.html

Several people say we had the TOUGHEST schedule of anyof the undefeateds.

most prominently the NCAA has auburn's total schedule ranked 5th in the country(w% .617)


USC's was ranked 18th in the country(w% .580).

Those are the only two 13-0 teams...so it isn't shocking that some computers have us ranked #1.

Utah's schedule is ranked 88th there opponents had a w% of .457

it doesn't matter what anyone says. Auburn will always be counted as one of the national champs this year. I believe this team will get more respect in the years to come as our players go onto great things in the NFL.

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