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As SEALs Fought For Their Lives, Trump’s Account Sent And Deleted A TV Tweet


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1 hour ago, Grumps said:

It is AMAZING how the exact same claims are being made against Trump that were being made about Obama. The same people who were defending Obama are not bashing Trump, and the same people who were bashing Obama are defending Trump. This is as pathetic now as it was when the same was being said about Obama. We should be better than this...but we are not. Our partisanship is remarkable.

And some of us are just enjoying the chain rattling! :laugh:

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11 minutes ago, homersapien said:

That was an unforeseen event, not a planned US military op.  Big difference.

Unforeseen event... on 9-11. Which went on for how many hours ? 13 ? 

Still doesn't answer the question as to where Obama was.  

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