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AU Race Car

Jenny AU-92

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I agree, Jenny, I might have to give racing another try to!

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Here is a thread from a year or so ago about it. It was resurrected about a week ago.


Looks liek that thread was right and he has made the jump from ARCA to the Busch Series... Here is his future schedule, so be sure to check him out on saturdays!

Saturday, March 19 Aarons 312 - Atlanta Motor Speedway Atlanta, GA

Saturday, April 30 Aarons 312 - Talladega Superspeedway Talladega, AL

Friday, July 1 Pepsi 300 - Daytona International Speedway Daytona, FL

Saturday, November 5 Texas Motor Speedway Fort Worth, TX

Looks like he'll be in Talledega! Hopefully I'll make it up there for the Busch, as well as the Nextel race.

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WELL. This is definietly football related. So you are in the right spot.

ANY time you have AU and the number 34 in the same place.......

Ahh. Visions of dominance on the gridiron come to mind. Let's hope he can move up the ranks to Nextel. There's no way AU could afford to sponsor him fully at that level. Let's just hope he gets to keep the orange and blue scheme.

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