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Mock playoff in BCS era


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If this is too OT, I apologize. But after seeing a few pundits do this on previous occasions, I wanted to do this with this board. Suppose the four-team playoff starts instead of the BCS era. The Rose and Sugar bowls are the semis on even years and the Orange and Fiesta bowls on odd years. The championship is also bid on Super Bowl-style. A selection committee seeds the games, just like now. Because there are four big bowls instead of six, the two highest conference champions are guaranteed a spot in the final four.

Who would you put for each/some/any of these years (1998-2013)? In addition, I simulated each game on WhatIfSports, and the result is posted. I currently have the first two years done.

1998 (Very very tough--after Tennessee and FSU, UCLA, Texas A&M, Kansas State and Ohio State are virtually neck and neck. UCLA and A&M were conference champions and played a brutal schedule--one of A&M's losses was a kickoff classic to FSU; UCLA would have been #2 in the rankings before the last week; tOSU has by far the worst loss)
Rose--#2 Florida State vs. #3 UCLA                  UCLA 38-13
Sugar--#1 Tennessee vs. #4 Texas A&M            Tennessee 24-17
CFC--Tennessee vs. UCLA                                 UCLA 24-19

1999 (pretty simple--despite losing to LA Tech, Alabama's thrashing of Florida (though maybe FL plays better in this timeline because in real life, they were coming off a tough loss to FSU, meaning no NC hopes--however, the results will be the same) puts it in at #4)
Orange--#1 Florida State vs. #4 Alabama          Florida State 41-27
Fiesta--#2 Virginia Tech vs. #3 Nebraska           Virginia Tech 20-17
CFC--Florida State vs. Virginia Tech                   Florida State 20-12

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Only 1 that matters- 



#1 USC vs #4 Va Tech ,  USC 42-7

#2 Oklahoma vs #3 Auburn  ,  Auburn 35--14

#1 USC vs #3 Auburn ,  Auburn 24-17


(I totally made this up)

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It is sad that we were not awarded the NC in 2004. When USC was stripped of their NC and Oklahoma getting the crap beat our of them by USC, the obvious choice should have been us instead the NCAA decided there would be no NC. Bad move by the NCAA in that refused to do the right thing in the end.

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