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39 percent of Black Americans say news about them is ‘racially insensitive’


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by Cheyanne M. Daniels - 09/26/23


A new poll found that nearly half of Black Americans feel news coverage of them and their community is “racially problematic.”

In a survey of nearly 5,000 Black adults, the Pew Research Center found that 39 percent of Black Americans said they often see news that in some way is racist or racially insensitive, with 43 percent saying the coverage largely stereotypes Black people. 

Respondents attributed the problems to a host of issues, including outlets pushing agendas, uninformed journalists and racist views among people at news outlets. More than 35 percent attributed the racially insensitive coverage to a lack of Black staff at news outlets.

The survey also found that 63 percent said news coverage about Black people is often more negative than news about other racial and ethnic groups, with half of the respondents believing coverage is often missing important information. 

These views persisted regardless of gender, age and political party affiliation. 

But the survey also highlighted how Black Americans believe problematic news coverage can be addressed. 

Sixty-four percent of respondents said “educating all journalists about issues impacting Black Americans” is a very effective way of making coverage fairer.

More than 50 percent said including more Black people as sources and hiring more Black people as newsroom leaders would be also highly effective.

But 45 percent of Black Americans also said that Black journalists do a better job covering issues related to race and racial inequality. 

Forty percent also said it is “crucial” that the news they get about issues related to race and racial inequality comes from Black journalists.



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