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Back from Fayetteville


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I got back around midnight sunday night, but had school yesterday. Couple thoughts on the trip...

Fayetteville, first trip there - I was very disappointed in the atmosphere. I expected more out of the fans. I don't know if it's cuz it is a down year or what, but there was little tailgating and the atmosphere was just... simply put... boring. I saw more in Starkville last year. Granted MSU wasn't all that great last year either, but atleast they had the 11:30 kickoff to blame on.

The pregame - I turned to my buddy and said "this is pathetic." He added, "it's like their going through the motions 'O well Arkansas is playing today, better go to the game.' " The "woo big sooie" wasn't all that impressive - just kinda lame throughout the game. The stadium wasn't loud unless Brandon called an audible and by the time the crowd got loud, Brandon was done checking off.

The crowd - my buddy from Little Rock told me they were mean and full of excuses - didn't bother us at all. We bumped into a nice older Auburn fan and his wife, who are both living in Auburn, said they were invited to a nice tailgate by some Arky fans. The only thing we got was after the game, a few students were being sarcastic saying that Arky sucks. When we walked away they said Auburn was lucky and weren't all that good. I turned around, tossed them a football I found prior to Tigerwalk, and said "here I feel bad for you guys - I mean you lost to Vandy." He was shocked.

One note on Tigerwalk - probably the worst Tiger walk organized ever. They had a couple busses. The offense had to come walk behind the bus and then go through the crowd. The defense came from an opposite direction - so basically you could see either the offense or the defense, but not both (except maybe a select few who were at the end of Tiger walk). And not even half the fans that showed up could see either offense or defense because the bus just drove past half the fans. But a good showup by the tiger fans.

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