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Eight games in...


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Eight game comparison with 2004 team:


2004: 283 scored / 73 allowed

2005: 268 scored / 87 allowed

Total Offense:

2004: 3470yds-531-35tds

2005: 3330yds-552-32tds

Total Defense:

2004: 1949yds-487-9tds

2005: 2151yds-484-8tds

3rd down Pct Offense:

2004: 48%

2005: 49%

3rd down Pct Defense:

2004: 28%

2005: 31%

The 2004 team was clearly one of the best teams in the history of our football program. The overall numbers show there hasn't been a huge drop off in production. As Tuberville stated before the season started, the 2005 team would be very talented but would lack experience.


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Isn't this years schedule a good bit easier than the 2004 schedule?


Both teams played a D1AA opponent during the first 8 games.

The combined win pct of the D1A opponents during the first 8 games:

2004: .494

2005: .489

Not much of a difference in strength of schedule.

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