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love the bama messages from friday


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November 17th, 2005, 10:48 AM #3


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Posts: 1,998 The only grumbling I have is that Jess is saying that a team that has given up 450 yards and 465 yards of total offense to Kentucky and Georgia the last two weeks (and please don't give me the Auburn line that it was all in the 4th quarter against Kentucky because it wasn't) will have similar success (which is what it would take to score 24 points on Bama) against our "D" that has shut EVERYBODY down!

Also, once again Jess is wrong about the Defensive lines...Auburn's doesn't even come close to comparing to Bama either in production or statistically speaking. Auburn's defensive line has given up the following rushing yards to its opponents.

Ga. Tech 139

Miss. St 81

Ball St 93

West. KY 155

So. Car. 70

Arkansas 148

LSU 149

Ole Miss 23

Kentucky 115

Georgia 142

TOTAL 1115 Rushing Yards Against

Bama's total rushing yards against is 890, which betters Auburn's "D" line by 225 yards over the same 10 games. Also, Bama has held 6 of our 10 opponents under 100 yards and against LSU, Auburn gave up 149 rushing yards, while Bama gave up 46! Against common opponents, Bama has beaten Auburn in defensive line performance in every game except Arkansas, which has proven to be an anomoly in Bama's season.

From a scoring "D" standpoint Bama's opponents have averaged 9 points per game, while Auburn's "D" has allowed an average of 14.4 points per game. I'm afraid that Jess's defensive line breakdown simply doesn't hold water IMHO! No way Auburn scores 24 points on us...it just won't happen.


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and this on....

Excellent analysis, Jess. I think that one factor that may ultimately decide the outcome of this game is leadership. Bama's offense is led by a 5th-year senior who wants to go out with a strong performance and a win. Brodie is unquestionably the leader of our offense, and the entire team in many ways. This is his last chance to beat AU. Bama's defense is also led by a few seniors who want desperately to go out with a win. I simply don't see the leadership and determination on the AU side of the field that I see for Bama.

This game often comes down to simply "who wants it more." In this case I think the guys in Crimson meet that description. This should be a great game and it will be interesting to see how it goes. I think it's a toss-up and will ultimately be decided by 2-3 big plays. I hope Bama gets those plays.

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Yep, if we had kept running the ball 90% of the time to run the clock, and kept playing the soft cover 2 to prevent the big play while letting them have the underneath routes, and not scored all those points in the first quarter, and taken Stanley out of the game, and quit blitzing or rushing the quarterback in any form (11 sacks? I almost felt sorry for Brodie), and taken out all of out starters, and not recovered that stupid onside kick (I would have loved if Tubs had taken a few shots at the endzone...just to "punish" them for kicking that onsides kick), and played for another 60 minutes, they might of had a chance. Or not.

In all seriousness, that first quarter was the some of the most amazing football I've ever seen. Our guys looked incredible. I tip my hat to them.

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