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Okay, we've got a little over a month to go before we kick it off. Take a look at your preseason rags, do your internet research and post who you think is going to be a dark horse to be one of the teams participating in the big one. #1 vs #2. Try to take any and all :homer: out of the equation and give some real input behind your take.

This is not who you think is a favorite to win it all but rather, a team that has potential but most experts don't pick to contend for the MNC. My dark horse pick:

Florida State

Now, here's my reasoning. The first thing that jumps out is the schedule. In my opinion, FSU plays it's 2 toughest opponents at the start with Miami and Clemson being 2 out of the first 3 with Troy sandwiched in between. After that, there is no one they shouldn't be a heavy favorite against until they play UF at the end. They don't play VT and they have 8 home games.

Next, Mickey Andrews always has a solid, in your face defense that will keep them in every game they play, regardless. They have experience at the skill positions on offense in Weatherford at QB and L. Booker at RB. 3 big receivers return with over 30 catches apiece. I'm not sold on Weatherford at QB but he did throw for over 3200 yards with 18 TDs (albeit 18 ints too) But, he's sure to improve.

Bottom line, if FSU comes out of the first 3 games at 3-0 (And that's a BIG if) look out. They'll be a top 3 team with little in their way for a while.

Dark Horses?

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I would not be surprised to see Louisville reach the MNC. Since many have picked WVU to go, they removes them as a darkhorse. But considering Louisvilles schedule (maybe one of the easiest in the country) and the fact that if they can beat Miami and WVU they will go undefeated, and they have both those games at home. I don't really expect 2 teams from one of the better conferences to be undefeated, so an undefeated team from the big east could get there. like it or not, it is very possible either WVU or Louisville will be there. I'll take the darkhorse, Louisville

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