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Looking back at the three seasons, Auburn had quality coordinators under Tuberville (2002, 2004 and 2005), the Tigers are 9-4 against opponents with a win pct of at least .692 win pct or 9-4 record.

Average Score: 21-17

Average ranking of opponent: 7th

Avg. Rushing: Auburn 163 / Opp 129

Avg. Passing: Auburn 191 / Opp 208

Avg. Total: Auburn 354 / Opp 337

Even during the 2003 season, Auburn's defense gave up only 21 pts and 338 yards per game but our offense scored only 12 pts per game in this category. Auburn was 2-4 against opponents with a 9-4 record or better during the 2003 season.

With Borges and Muschamp at the helm, Auburn should be just fine in 2006. IMO, it's vital the team believes that Washington State is capable of beating them if they don't play to their abilities.

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