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Inside the Numbers - QB Stats


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From everything that has been reported out of spring and preseason practice, Brandon Cox should build onto his success from his debut season (2005). With this in mind, here are the game stats from previous Auburn QB's, playing in their second year as the starter against a major D1 opponent.

Pat Sullivan-1970 / Tennessee: 17-31-2-268yds-1td / W

Jeff Burger-1987 / Texas: 16-22-0-269yds-2tds / W

Reggie Slack-1989 / Tennessee: 18-40-1-285yds-1td / L

Stan White-1991 / Ole Miss: 20-36-1-170yds-0td / W

Pat Nix-1995 / Ole Miss: 28-39-0-382yds-1td / W

Dameyune Craig-1997 / Virginia: 12-19-1-247yds-2tds / W

Ben Leard-1999 / LSU: 16-23-0-304yds-3tds / W

Jason Campbell-2002 / LSU: 7-11-0-105yds-1td / W

Brandon Cox-2006 / Washington State: ???


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