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Now that the day is almost over!


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From the articles I have read and the talk on here I am excited to hear what you all think. Who will be the impact player for next season off the list of signees? How many do you all think are going to play and how many red-shirts??

I think that Burns will be the first red-shirt handed out. And based off of the past I think 20 red-shirts in all.

Eltoros numbers tell me he wont be one of them with the needs we have at this position

Slaughter could really help out a already young corps of recivers

We need Zeimba to be the real deal I am worried to death about our line for next season!!

So what are all of your thoughts




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If you check out the roster and then the depth chart you will quickly note that the "cuppord" is NOT bare. To the contrary. Tubs and the staff have carefully worked in players last year to allow them experience going into the spring as well as ready to welcome a redshirt class from last year which is loaded with talent. If Zeimba, Davis, Pugh, Ramsey, McNeil and others work out..........great.......but we don't have to have them. Trust me! This team is the deepest in talent that I can remember and I'm an old geezer. :thumbsup:

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