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Must see documentary on Iraq, Occupation: Dreamland


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I Netflixed it. I watched three times. It is unbaised for the most part (the commentary maybe). You see and hear what the Infantry/Marine Joe does everyday on a deployment, no narrator, no story line, no heroes, no sex, alot of foul language, alot of boredom, with brief periods of chaos and violence.

A MUST SEE..especially if you like voicing your opinions of war on internet message boards, without ever having heard an RPG or mortar explode in the vacinity of your location.


Occupation: Dreamland won the Working Films content + intent = change award at the 2005 Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, in recognition of the film's potential to engage audiences to meaningful action that results in concrete impact and social change. The award, sponsored by Working Films with support from the Ettinger Foundation and Tides, is now the largest given at Full Frame.


Occupation: Dreamland is an unflinchingly candid portrait of a squad of American soldiers deployed in the doomed Iraq city of Falluja during the winter of 2004. A collective study of the soldiers unfolds as they patrol an environment of low-intensity conflict creeping steadily towards catastrophe. Through the squads activities Occupation: Dreamland provides a vital glimpse into the last days of Falluja. The film documents the citys waning stability before a final series of military assaults began in the spring of 2004 that effectively destroyed it.

Filmmakers Garrett Scott and Ian Olds were given access to all operations of the Armys 82nd Airborne. They lived with the unit 24/7, giving voice to soldiers held under a strict code of authority as they cope with an ambiguous, often lethal environment. The result is a revealing, sometimes surprising look at Army life, operations and the complexity of American war in the 21st century.


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